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32 All Day Pleasure/Country Pleasure, Masters 65 & Over, 2 gait/OT.  Sponsored by Cindi Nixon and Marcia Hersch

34A All Day Pleasure Jr Horse 5 yr old Open 2 gait/OT.  Sponsored by Royal Meadows Stable

79 Alabama All Day Pleasure Open 2 gait/OT.  Sponsored by Amazing Gaits Equestrian Center

88 SSH Lite Shod Open 3 gait/OT. Sponsored by Sound Trail and Rail Society

110 Plantation Pleasure Jr Horse 2 Yr Old Open/OT. Sponsored by Mag Ranft

​149 Park Lite Shod Jr Horse 3 & Under  Amateur 2 gait Championship/OT. Sponsored by John & Maria Redmond, Renaissance Farm in Bethel, OH

​178 Available for sponsorship

​186A SSH Model 2 yr & Over.  Sponsored by Marianne Springer

For more information, contact  Katie Tanner (  (850) 519-3962

Hosted by The National Walking Horse Association


We've worked with three local hotels to get you the best room rates possible. Room blocks are listed under the National Walking Horse Association.  Reservations must be made by September 1, 2018.

2018 Sponsors 

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Thank you Chevy of West, Texas, Mag Ranft, Cosmic Candy and Eveline Mikolajczyk for your Sponsorships!

2018 snapshots!

Thank you Ken Siems!

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 September 16-21, 2019

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