Hosted by The National Walking Horse Association

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42. SSH Country Pleasure Racking OT

Sponsored by Marianne Springer

44A. Bareback Pleasure, Open 3 gt/OT

​Sponsored by Michael & Sherry Garman

78. Open Division, Horses 15 yrs & Over, 2 gt/OT

Sponsored by Brew City Classic Horse Show

88. Alabama All Day Pleasure Open 2 gt/OT

​Sponsored by Brittany Burch

108. Country Pleasure Amateur Masters 60 & Over, 2 gt/OT

Sponsored by Marcia Hersh and Cindi Nixon

​125A. Open Division, Jr Horse 4 & Under,

3 gait/OT

Sponsored by Sound Trail and Rail Society

159A. Pleasure Driving Championship

​Sponsored by Parsons Stables

181. Saddle Up, Draw Down Game

Sponsored by Amazing Gaits Equestrian Center

​209. Open Division, Youth 11 & Under, 2 gait Championship/OT

​Sponsored by Ron & Karen Bochenek

Versatility Tests / Patterns

Western Reining--Pattern 13

Western Riding--Pattern 1

Class Schedule

Class Schedule  and Versatility Information

(Pre-Entries closed on September 18, 2017)